9 Nov 2018

Great Manuscript Assessment Feedback – Contact Us for Editing and Assessment today

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Ed was recommended to me by a writing tutor when I was at the crucial stage of a second draft, with no idea what step to take next. Ed delivered a thoughtful and detailed review of the manuscript, calling out key characterisation issues that I knew were there but was too close to the subject to see and address. Ed really understood the nature of the story I was trying to tell and was able to articulate it in a way I was struggling to. He reviewed plot, structure, the relationships between the characters and also offered advice on publishability.  I felt that he took the time to really understand and consider the story’s strengths and weaknesses. I would absolutely recommend Ed for writers stuck at a draft, or even part way through a draft, to help clarify the way forward and give you thoughtful and constructive feedback. Thanks Ed! – Jessica Mansour-Nahra