14 Aug 2018

High Praise For Ed’s Editing from Miles Franklin and PM’s Literary Awards Shortlisted Author, Philip Salom

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Ed Wright was the editor for my novel Waiting and he also read and advised, editorially, on my next novel in-progress, The Returns. Ed is a brilliant combination of sympathetic reader, insightful editorial eye and hard task-master. He is subtle but strong, he knows where to suggest, and where to insist, and the difference is crucial. [He gave me the criticism I needed to reduce my manuscript by 20,000 words – without alarming me, without losing anything essential – and thereby achieve the best possible structure and value of the novel. Ed saw how some characters were over-indulged and other under-done. This can unbalance any novel, but especially a novel like Waiting, where the narrator focalises so closely with allthe characters.] A fine and very well read editor like Ed knows the problems common to many novels but also how each manuscript is unique.

The writer often becomes over-invested in the manuscript when all seems finally to be right. An editor must see through this illusion of the writer’s; a good editor knows the writer’s words are not sacrosanct. The editor must first see then show where the writing can be better, where it is loose, cliched, digressive, even well-written … but extraneous. The editor must do this without interrupting the writer’s essential vision. Ed Wright is this kind of editor. He knows what he is doing. He does it with flair and endless good humour.

The above is the expected range of a fine editor. But Ed has shown extra talent and favour – he has added ideas for my writing which allowed me to both reduce the word-length and better integrate the characters with the narrative. He has suggested excellent plot shifts and narrative variations. He gave me new possibilities. This is special advice. It is generousadvice. Editors do not always behave so selflessly. I absolutely recommend him!