Workshops - Kids


From Zero to Hero (7-13 years) Tues 16 April, 10am-1pm: Jess Black
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and their journey to becoming a hero isn’t always an easy one. Transform your hero from being Cinders to wearing a glass slipper or from being a wimp to looking like the Rock. From which humble beginning will your hero start their rise to the top from? 

Dogs with Jobs (6-12 years) Thurs 18 April, 10am-1pm: Jess Black
The Tales of Mr Walker is a collection of stories about a canine concierge in a hotel. Dogs can work as detectives, in search and rescue, even in hotels! We’ll create stories involving our favourite pets having very important jobs to do!

I Believe in Magic (8-14 years) Wed 24 April, 10am-1pm: Ed Wright
Get your wands out and your potions brewing. Write stories where characters find solutions to supernatural problems and use their magical powers and defeat the forces of darkness.

Sportswriter (7-13 years) Fri 26 April, 10am-1pm: Ed Wright
From Test cricket to the Olympics to the Hunger Games, sport is full of stories. Invent your own sport. Create character profiles for your own legends of the game. Tell the story of how they overcame adversity on their way to greatness. Report on the greatest game ever played.

WORKSHOPS $80 (bring a brother/sister/friend or sign up for 2 classes, 2 for $140; earlybird until 1 April, $65; 2 for $120).  We’re in the Hunter St Mall on the corner of Market St (the same building as Lowe’s). The entrance is on Market St and we’re on the first floor at the end of the corridor. There’s 1/2hour free parking in the mall and on Wolfe St, or if you want to stay in town, there’s free 4-hour parking between the Newcastle Baths and Beach, about a ten-minute walk.

Our Workshops
We encourage kids to grow their imaginations at the same time as they expand their vocabularies and story-telling skills. Our workshops are fun and educational and tailored to suit the different age groups. We offer in school classes, after school classes, holiday workshops and individual mentoring. Check here for regular classes and holiday workshops at our Newcastle premises. Use our enquiry form or call us to find out how to bring workshops to your school .

HSC workshops – Creative Writing is compulsory for the HSC but many students don’t know where to start. Our HSC level creative writing workshops are designed for years 10-12, and will focus on the current Area of Study (Discovery) as well as Extension 1 elective themes.  Our workshops help students gain the skills and techniques to think on their feet and approach their creative writing with confidence and flexibility.

Tutoring and Mentoring (HSC and other) Need expert feedback on your Extension 2 Major Work?  Or just worried about the Creative Writing components of the HSC English papers?  We offer one-to-one mentoring for students who feel they need a bit of extra help getting ready for this part of the HSC. Professional guidance is available for all print medium major works – including poetry, criticism, short story and script writing. We can also help with preparing for the English exam and with essay writing in general. Contact us to discuss