Workshops - Kids


Create a Picture Book With Shapes (5-8 yo) Thursday 19 April, 10am-1pm: Jess Black
This fun and messy workshop is all about creating a visual story. We’ll be using the picture book Triangle by Mac Barnett as our inspiration for creating characters from 2D shapes! Using collage, charcoal, crayon and coloured pencils, we’ll craft a story in a richly imagined world of shapes.

The Magic Door (8-13yo) Friday 20 April, 10am-1pm: Jess Black
Fantasy writing is a genre that children are naturally drawn to. In this workshop children can explore their own portal into a magic world through the device of a magic door. They will work on the world, the setting, characters, magical creatures and devices and how to make it back to their own world.

Spy Stories (8-14yo) Thursday 26 April, 10am-1pm:  Ed Wright
Create secret agents who wear disguises, use amazing gadgets and trade in dangerous secrets. Write stories of ingenious spies, undercover agents, double-crossers and devious villains.

Pet Tales (6-13) Friday 27 April, 10am-1pm: Ed Wright
How do you persuade your parents to add a member to the family. What kind of pet are you going to get? And what kind of havoc is your new pet going to cause. Enjoy writing in different genres about your favourite animals, real or imaginary.

WORKSHOPS $80 (bring a brother/sister/friend or sign up for 2 classes, 2 for $140) Early Bird before 30 March: $65 or 2 for $120


Our Workshops
We encourage kids to grow their imaginations at the same time as they expand their vocabularies and story-telling skills. Our workshops are fun and educational and tailored to suit the different age groups. We offer in school classes, after school classes, holiday workshops and individual mentoring. Check here for regular classes and holiday workshops at our Newcastle premises. Use our enquiry form or call us to find out how to bring workshops to your school .

HSC workshops – Creative Writing is compulsory for the HSC but many students don’t know where to start. Our HSC level creative writing workshops are designed for years 10-12, and will focus on the current Area of Study (Discovery) as well as Extension 1 elective themes.  Our workshops help students gain the skills and techniques to think on their feet and approach their creative writing with confidence and flexibility.

Tutoring and Mentoring (HSC and other) Need expert feedback on your Extension 2 Major Work?  Or just worried about the Creative Writing components of the HSC English papers?  We offer one-to-one mentoring for students who feel they need a bit of extra help getting ready for this part of the HSC. Professional guidance is available for all print medium major works – including poetry, criticism, short story and script writing. We can also help with preparing for the English exam and with essay writing in general. Contact us to discuss