What’s your favourite cartoon? The Simpsons? Sponge Bob? They all started with someone’s imagination.  And that someone could be you! Learn how to create an animation idea, write the script (remember, funny is good!) and sketch out the storyboard (basic drawing skills are just fine). Record some funny voices, add the pictures to the voices et voila! A moving story board is all yours to take home.

Mark Giblin has been creating animations for the past 20 years. Writing, drawing, animating, voicing, adding music and fx – Mark is a one-man-band of animation. Simple, fun, funny and short – that’s how Mark likes his animations. His ABC TV series Schnezel Bronsons Alien Adventures ran for 5 years on ABC Kids. He has also created animations for Creature Features, Playschool, Nickelodeon, BBC Web, Mobile phone content and corporate videos. His interstitial series The Music Makers has sold to 24 countries.

Mark lives inNewcastle with his wife, son and dog Peach. When not thinking up crazy cartoon ideas he plays guitar and banjo.