The Gods of Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and Scandinavia feature in the ingenious novels of Rick Riordan. In this workshop, we’ll think of our own tales to tell about these Gods or other Gods and even play with inventing our own immortal beings.

We’ve had to cancel our usual school holiday workshops but with so many people stuck at home, we thought we’d offer some Zoom Workshops to help cure cabin fever with some great creative writing ideas. Anyone in the household can use them, although for reasons of bandwidth, we’d prefer if each household only logged in once.  Each workshop is limited to 12 paid logins. For reasons of privacy, you also might want to upload your own virtual background. This is easily  done in ZOOM by clicking on the arrow to the right of the STOP VIDEO button at the bottom of your ZOOM screen. By clicking on this you get the option to use one of the existing backgrounds or install your own. We’ll be using the Creative Word Shop logo as our backdrop for example, but you could use anything, including a pic from when you actually could go away for the holidays, perhaps.

To enrol fill out enrolment form and once we’ve received payment we’ll send you a meeting invitation. Please let us know the day before if you haven’t received your invite.