Using the Dr Seuss classic Oh The Places You’ll Go, kids will get to enjoy the thrill of rhyming, onomatopoeia and word invention, while playing with the shape of their futures, and possibilities yet to be realised! A workshop for any sensitive souls, wild souls, or souls who simply have a taste for the wacky and the wonderful.

Bess Kenway works as an exhibiting artist, poet, workshop host, creative arts therapist and primary school teacher. In her past life, she worked in television and journalism. She gets excited about making connections with the local community and representing them as best possible through her work – stewarding their stories and facilitating their expression. Her personal installation and poetry practices are concerned with inspiring empathy, wonder and imagination, and forging community through collective experiences of awe and vulnerability. She creates interactive and multi-sensory art installations for mixed audiences of children and adults. She has a Literature, Philosophy and Fine Art/Art History degree and lives in Newcastle with her canine mystery breed Beau, who is 105% per cent ridiculous.