It’s the future. Genetically modified animals are everywhere. People have them as pets, they run wild and the strangest of them all are held in a special zoo.  You are head zoo keeper and today is the first day the gates are opening to the public. What could go wrong?

Jess Black is an award winning author of children’s books (thirty eight).  Jess has written the Tales of Mr Walker series about a dog who comes to live in the fanciest hotel in town. Jess has also written the Little Paws series and the Keeper of the Crystals series; and is co-author of the hugely successful Bindi Wildlife Adventure series, the Kaboom Kid series and the RSPCA Animal Tales series. She also has written two picture books, Moon Dance and The Bold Australian Girl.

Jess has been writing stories ever since she graduated from University with a BA Hons in Theatre Directing. She has written for theatre and children’s television. Jess has worked as a book buyer and a book seller. Her stories tend to centre around topics such as – animal welfare, conserving our natural environment, loyalty, resilience and friendship.

Jess has two new series being released in 2020!

Jess lives in Newcastle with her husband and two daughters and their urban working dog, Pippi. Jess loves animals and having adventures, much like the ones in her books!