The Butcher by Mikayla

It’s another regular day and I’m on my way to work.

“Hello, dear,” says a cackly voice from behind me. “Do you have a donut to share?” says the same cackly voice.

I turn around to see an old woman with warts all over her nose. I still had one remaining donut in my pocket, and scoffed it right in her face. I feel a little tingle in my tummy. I continue to walk to work.

“Hi, Bob,” I say to my fellow colleague, but it comes out like a grunt. I head into the kitchen where I work as the butcher.

There’s pigs hanging frantically from pegs, cows are locked in the freezer and the smell of raw meat hangs in the air. The stench has never bothered me but today, it sends a chill down my spine. When suddenly, “A pig! A pig has escaped!” They are all looking at me angrily. Suddenly, Bob lunges at me with a carving knife. I run around the kitchen when I suddenly notice that I have pink skin and four legs.

“I’m a pig! I’m a pig!” I scream, but all that comes out is squeals. That old lady must have been a witch and she turned me into a pig!

I run around with my fellow butchers chasing me! If I had just given that lady my donut. Regret and dread fill my mind as if 1000 pins have been stuck into me. I run and run until I have no more energy. A white pain shoots through me, as I check my tail, but it’s lying on the floor in a pool of blood. I stiffen and then bolt out the door, trying to find that witch…

I bolt down the street, frantically trying to find that witch. I can the sidewalks for her, but there is no sign of her. Then, I head for the one place I’m safe…