Due to the failure of the adult political system, a transformation has occurred. From 25 August 2017, a new era has been announced, to be known as KIDS RULE.  Instead of adults, Australia will be governed by kids, with members of parliament having to resign on their 18th birthday.

As a member of the first kids parliament, your job is to write some new laws. Each member of parliament (MPs) must write 6 new laws which they will then propose to their fellow MPS.

You must say
a) what the law is
b) why you are making it
c) the punishment for breaking it.

For example

  1. Adults will only be able to look at their phones for one hour a day.
  2. While adults have often stopped kids from looking at screens, they have failed to stop themselves. This causes all sorts of problems for society. People crash their cars while texting, for example. They also tend not to communicate with the people sitting right next to them. Because they are too busy looking at their phones, when you throw something at them it is more likely to hit them in the head. And an angry adult is an annoying adult.
  3. For the first breach of this rule a one-week total screen ban will be enforced.

    For the second breach of this rule, a further one-week screen ban will be enforced and adults will be made to school for one week to learn how to live without constantly looking at screens

    For a third breach within the period of six months, adults will be forced to live in the forest for one month without any electricity.


PART TWO:  Choose one of your laws and write a speech to your new parliament arguing why your law should become a law.  Use at least two reasons why the law is important.  Try and anticipate objections.

Some possible objections include
1) It’s not a fair law
2) It won’t help society
3) The punishment isn’t harsh enough/ is too harsh

4) The law is not practical – ie people will have to break it just to go about their daily business.